Ninja Girl Rina Takeda
Ninja Girl Rina Takeda

Ninja Girl

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Female ninja on a mission of revenge.

From pioneering ninja movie writer-director Seiji Chiba (Alien Vs. Ninja; Rogue Ninja), and starring karate sensation-turned-actress Rina Takeda (Karate Girl; High-Kick Girl) comes Ninja Girl, an ass-kicking blast of martial arts action.

As the fierce rivalry between the Iga and Kouga ninja clans rages on, a pair of psychotic eunuch ninjas, are tasked with abducting young women to serve as “tools of pleasure”. Little do they realise that one of their latest victims is a kunoichi, a highly skilled female ninja (Rina Takeda), determined to smash the evil skin trafficking heritage to which her own mother once fell victim.

A beautiful, avenging angel of death – with a kick!