The King of Pigs
The King of Pigs
The King of Pigs
The King of Pigs
The King of Pigs

The King of Pigs

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As seen on Film Four, and from the director of TRAIN TO BUSAN.

Blistering, award winning animation, showing the extreme extent of high-school bullying.
Businessman Kyung-min meets up with old school friend Jong-suk. They reminisce about their school days, when cruel, privileged bullies, ‘The Dogs’ exercised a reign of terror over ‘The Pigs’, the poorer and powerless students. 
Recalling the murky origins of their bond, Kyung-min also proves to be hiding an equally dark secret. 
An unmissable satire of class, violence and human debasement. Voiced by internationally acclaimed Korean actors Yang Ik-june and Kim Kkobbi from BREATHLESS.

Dir: Yeon Sang-ho
Cast: Voices of Yang Ik-june (Breathless), Kim Kkobbi (Breathless), Oh Jung-se, Kim Hye-na
Runtime: 97 minutes
Language: Korean (English subtitles)
Country: South Korea
Year: 2011
Genre: Animation
Rating: 15
Region: region 2
Awards and Festivals:Official selection at Directors’ Fortnight, Cannes Film Festival 2012.
Won Satoshi Kon Award for Achievement in Animation, New Flesh Award for Best First Feature.
66th Edinburgh Int'l Film Festival (Competition)
Leeds Film Festival
London Korean Film FestivalFantasia Int'l Film Festival Canada
What the press say:
"... you’ll want to see it at least twice" - Sight & Sound
“It's bleak, and on that level and others rightly comparable to Oldboy” - Eye For Film
"Ugly, pitiless, and mightily provocative in its representation of human debasement, this satire on class inequality burns like acid." – Hollywood Reporter
“... with undeniable fury and a good measure of intelligence” - Variety
"A violent Korean anime with real teeth." ★★★★ - Empire Magazine
"... culturally fascinating, but a tough watch." ★★★ - TimeOut
"... a forceful, uncompromising sucker-punch of a movie" - TwitchFilm
“... very well-made, fascinating ...” ★★★★ - The Guardian 
"The King of Pigs rules." - Little White Lies
DVD special features:
Interview with director and actors
Dubbing session
Sketch gallery
Actors biography